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Joflow Basketball

Joflow Player Membership 2023 *REQUIRED TO TRAIN* (50% PRO RATA PRICE)

Joflow Player Membership 2023 *REQUIRED TO TRAIN* (50% PRO RATA PRICE)

What is the Joflow Player Membership?

-Joflow Basketball Academy Player Insurance.

-Compulsory membership for ALL players training in the academy. 

-Compulsory membership for ALL players training and playing in our Local Competition Teams. 

-MEMBERS price in all Joflow run camps e.g. Holiday Camps.

Waiver and Quitclaim

By buying the Joflow Membership, I hereby acknowledge that I am enrolling my son/daughter with Joflow Basketball Academy (JBA) to play, train, and compete basketball. I am aware of the hazards of the game. Besides, the dangers of the game as well as the possibilities that my son/daughter might be injured in the
process of playing basketball were fully explained to me by Joflow to my full knowledge and understanding. Nonetheless, I choose to let my son/daughter participate in the said basketball endeavours. Accordingly, I am waiving all rights, relinquishing, setting free, and quit any claim against Joflow, its owner, officers,
employees, partners from any liability arising from any injury that my son/daughter might suffer relative to his/her involvement with JBA. I hereby certify that my son/daughter is mentally and physically fit to play and there is no impediment that would hinder my son/daughter from playing, training, and competing basketball. I shall always attend to or put someone to attend to my son/daughter during trainings and practices, drills and games who would be consulted in cases of emergency. In extreme cases where I failed to appoint/nominate one to attend to him/her, I consent Joflow to call and take emergency measures and medical treatment for my child without holding them liable, as the same is my responsibility.

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