About us


Joflow Basketball Academy (JBA) is a school of basketball that combines real life values in its skills trainings. It embraces and injects punctuality, sacrifice and hard work, teamwork, preparation, and sportsmanship into its programs to develop its students become good athletes and community members as well. Beyond basketball skills, we encourage students to make informed and often tough choices, whether it is commitment to training or the values to pursue their goals, which stands them in good stead for the challenges they will face in the future. 


JBA is managed professionally. Its students are mentored by experienced and qualified coaches who can guide students on their journey to become exceptional basketball athletes. A student’s interest in basketball often develops into a passion for the game by reason of JBA’s high level of training as well as the opportunities JBA provides to compete locally, interstate or even outside of Australia.




JBA’s mission is to shape players become a skilful, responsible, committed and highly competitive basketball athletes. It commits to showcase its players by opening doors of opportunities locally and overseas.




JBA’s vision is to use the medium of basketball to instil values and a high-level of sportsmanship in its players. It strives to instil discipline, patience, teamwork, and hard work as well as to promote the relevance of commitment, preparation, competition, and social mindfulness. It endeavours to attain these objectives while players have fun playing the game.